A Salford Councillor has spoken out against the severe litter problem rising in New Moss Wood.

Councillor Lewis Nelson has raised questions regarding the rising litter problem.

He said: “When you go to areas all over this country and you go for long walks in the middle of nowhere and people will sit down and set fires and just leave the litter, I think it genuinely comes down to the attitude of the people”.

“But here in Cadishead park with the canisters, its sort of a wider conversation as to why in the first place is this taking place. We’ve got this problem here and there’s bin just a few feet over there. I mean generally, if you’re going to do those, which I wouldn’t recommend for young people, but I mean just put it in the bin, for God’s sake, what difference does it make”.

Salford Council reported up to 4,000 tons of litter every year. They have spoken out against the issue, issuing a warning to those who litter: “If you drop litter in Salford, you could face a £150 fine!”

But a severe problem that has caused littering to increase is the extreme weather condition that has occurred in the area.

Nelson said: “Another bigger issue that we are dealing with is the build-up of litter over time is where the wind blows. If there’s a particular area where the wind blows and gathers in on place, as a Councillor it is my job to get that sorted and I do try to get resolve all litter issues”.

Nonetheless, he does identify the helpfulness of the community in tackling the issue, saying: “But what is good I think in this community is that a lot of people want to help, a lot of people want to make the community a nicer place so when we do have litter pick events we get a decent amount of people to attend and it does show that the community does care”.

If you would like to report a litter problem in your area, head over to the Salford city council website to report

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