Wheels for All

Disabled children and adults in Salford are being encouraged to cycle, thanks to nationwide charity.

Wheels for All helps children and adults with disabilities to take part in cycling.

By using specially adapted cycles, the users are able to engage in fun activities, which are both physically and mentally stimulating.

This organisation is funded by the Cycling Projects Charity, which have said: “We aim to embrace all children and adults with disabilities and differing needs to engage in quality cycling activities.”

Joy, who attends Wheels for All, said: “I love riding in the fresh air, when the wind hits you in the face you just know you feel free.”

Since 1996 there are now more than 50 groups across England, which all work with the users, parents and carers to promote inclusive sports.

The coordinator said: “We’re a small group of users and carers who come together to help with the idea of having Wheels for All.

“One of the aims is to give everyone the chance to cycle regardless of their ability, there’s a cycle for everyone.”

A mother who brings her disabled child to the group has said: “We’ve been coming here for many years now, it’s probably the only place that Lilly can come where she can be totally independent.

“When she first started coming here she struggled with the steering and breaking, but now she’s completely mastered it and is off round the track completely independently.”

Salford Wheels for All is based at Cleaveley Athletics Track in Eccles, and sessions are held on Wednesdays and Fridays 10am to 3pm, and Saturdays 11am to 2pm.

The cost is £3 per person per session which includes the use of equipment including handcycles, tricycles, tandems, companion cycles and wheelchair transporter.



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