Doing a little bit can make a big impact says the organiser of Salford University’s Go Green month.

Student Union president Evie Adams was speaking as the annual event gathered momentum.

Go Green month consists of four activity-filled weeks, encouraging students to make their everyday lives greener.

“We’re trying to do lots of different things, so there’s something for everyone,” Evie said.

“You don’t have to come and do a litter pick, you don’t have to plant trees, but you can go online, sign petitions and say this is what I believe in as a student and that’s part of Go Green.”

Evie has been the brain behind Go Green month since 2013, giving the project a permanent place in the community’s calendar.

In the last two years, she has noted an increase in engagement. She suggests that this is due to a change in the “cultural norm”.

Evie added: “I think the change in culture, and media culture and social aspects, such as Greta Thunberg or Extinction Rebellion, have shifted a lot of people’s perceptions.

“People really care about it.”

(C) Manisha Patel- (@MagicMooMo on Twitter)

In 2018, Salford’s Student Union won three Green Impact awards and won another gold award last year, but Evie states that there is much more work to do.

She says that things as simple as using reusable bottles and switching off electronics can make a difference.

“It’s about everyone doing a little bit and that creates a big impact. If only or two people try to do big things, it makes a smaller impact.”

Salford’s Go Green month will continue until March 10th, giving those who have not been involved yet to give it a go.

Next week is Live Green week, including activities such as tree planting, litter picking and a vintage clothes sale.

For more information about Go Green Month, visit the Student Union website here or follow @UoSSustain on Twitter.

For more updates on Evie’s campaigns follow her on Twitter @SalfordPres.

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