7-11 salford acting class

Salford Arts Theatre is looking for new members to join their 7-11 year-old acting class.

The award winning class Acting Saturdays is part of the Young Performers Company and runs every Saturday during term time from 1:00pm-4:00pm at Salford Arts Theatre.

© 2020 Joni Sommerville All Rights Reserved
© 2020 Joni Sommerville All Rights Reserved

The places have become available because the eldest members are moving up to the 12-18 years class. Some of the youngest members will move up into the class but owner and acting tutor Roni Ellis says that the places are open to any youngster.

She said: “We’re looking for children who are interested in being part of a young company… there is no set criteria but we do encourage the parents and the children to commit.”

“The children get to perform on a stage… they learn lots of new skills not just from an acting perspective, but obviously like most art forms you gain lots and lots of confidence.”

© 2020 Joni Sommerville All Rights Reserved

In the classes children have the chance to be “playful” and “experiment” with improvisation but there is a focus on script and ensemble work for upcoming productions.

Each class works on two shows each year. Previously, the 7-11 year old class have done Alice in Wonderland, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and a devised piece called Tsunami.

Eight-year-old Molly, 11-year-old Matthew and six-year-old Theodore regularly attend the classes and are all aspiring actors and actresses. The children have made a lot of good friends from the class.

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Matthew said: “I like doing all the plays with my friends and seeing them when we’re out walking.”

Molly said that she gets nervous performing but when she is there she “really enjoys it”.

Six-year-old Theodore enjoys doing the warm-ups.

Writer in residence Libby Hall won Best newcomer and was part of the Best Ensemble at The Greater Manchester Fringe Festival 2018. Libby Hall started acting in the 7-11 group.

For more information contact Roni Ellis on 0161 925 0111 or Email info@salfordartstheatre.com.

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