Only one in six Salford drivers pay attention to the cost of fuel when filling up their car, according to a local survey.

The prices for petrol and diesel in Salford are subject to change a lot more regularly than you may realise.

Take our Tesco petrol station for example, hitting a high of 128.9 per litre for diesel in December 2019.

Image Credit: Jessie Sale

Just three months later, we can now see a massive drop to just 121.9.

But what was the reason for such change?

The BBC stated that ‘the price of oil spiked by as much as 6.7 per cent when the US killed Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani, in a drone strike ordered by Donald Trump.’

Additionally, inflation causes us to see a constant increase in charge for fuel:

“I would say fuel prices are changing here around once a week,” claimed Ann, a Petrol Station Worker in Salford.

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“Some customers do pay attention to the prices, but it’s always so busy here so we don’t see a change in customer numbers.”

Which petrol station is best value for Salford residents at the moment?

Morrisons garage, Swinton, has been spotted as our local treasure in getting your moneys worth, with prices at just 118.9 for petrol, and 120.9 for diesel.

One Salford resident stated: “I just go to the one I’m closest to at the time, could be £2 a litre for all I know I’ve never bothered to check.”

Rather high for the area, Cromwell Road’s Shell garage prices as they stand:

Image Credit: Jessie Sale

Shell is typically seen as high-quality fuel, which may be a reason why so many people still use this garage despite it’s higher-end prices.

As we travel out of the city into our beautiful Peak District, things may not be as pleasant as they seem: with fuel prices averaging at an astonishing seven pence higher.

Hope garage for example, is selling diesel at 131.9pl: a rare sighting for us Salford drivers.

Image Credit: Jessie Sale

Getting 50 litres of petrol at a 118.9pl garage in Salford would cost you £59.45, but getting the same amount of litres at a 127.9pl garage would cost you £63.95.

At the first garage, you could have gotten an extra five litres for this price; more fuel in your tank before that peak district road trip, you’ll be needing it!

Pay attention and you could start saving today.

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