Salford’s Energise Centre host the ‘Feeling Fruity workshop’ on February 26th with the aim of “introducing people to more healthy lifestyle choices.”

The centre will do this by providing “free smoothies and fruit kebabs, that ease people into healthy eating and demonstrate how easily small changes can be made”

The workshop is predominantly aimed towards adults but all are welcome to join. It is free to attend and a simple call to 0161 212 5700 to book your slot will have you on your way to kicking those unhealthy eating habits.

The energise centre is part of a larger initiative run by ‘The big life group’, which was founded in the early-nineties Manchester to offer poorer people access to “family support, play schemes and self-help groups” after people became tired of waiting for public services that were poorly supported.

The centre receives funding for these workshops from the big life group and community health partnerships, this funding enables the projects to be freely accessible to the public. The group credit the contributions made from “great organisations, including public services, private businesses and voluntary and community groups” that have enabled them to provide high quality services “to people that are usually considered problems.”

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