Last week DEVA Hack (Digital Entrepreneurs and Video Artists Hackathon), came to Media City to develop college student’s digital skills.

This is the second year that it has taken place, after the workshop was set up in 2018.

This years winner of DEVA hack, Stoyan Bekyarov. Credit: Katie Pilgrim

The aim of the three day workshop was for the students to create a digital portfolio in order for them to increase their employability.

The creators of the workshop wanted to promote awareness of the importance of having digital skills and develop the confidence of the students.

DEVA hack was set up by Mo Isap, after he “saw the potential in young mentors who are working in the industry

Amrit Singh, programme lead and lead mentor says: “As technology progresses, there is a big gap in terms of how people promote themselves

“A lot of jobs are now asking for a video CV or a personal statement in video format for universities

“The struggle is because of the lack of knowledge for creating videos and the lack of confidence, people are not applying for some amazing jobs or choosing to go to university.”

On the final day of DEVA hack, the students spent the day creating videos at Salford University, who are partnered with the company.

The winner of the workshop, Stoyan Bekyarov won digital equipment such as a tablet and a tripod.

Bekyarov expressed his gratitude for winning saying: “I never expected to win.

“It was really good to get to know people and network.

“I’ve learnt to give more credit to what I can do and I am very grateful to the people I have met.”


The creative director at the university, Beth Hewitt, has described DEVA hack as “a three day event that will change their lives.

Hewitt expressed the importance of the workshop, saying: ” It’s very much about widening participation, inclusivity and diversity.

“In an ideal world every single young person would have a digital portfolio to go out into the world with.

“Salford University is massively proud to be involved, it’s a real passion project for us.”

You can find out more on the DEVAhack website.

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