Photo permission given over the phone by Sammy Kiely.

The heartbroken daughter of a missing Salford woman has made a desperate appeal for her return.

Nancy Smith, described as a “loving mum” by daughter Sammy Kiely, went missing in the early hours of Wednesday February 19.

It is believed the 48-year-old grandmother-of-eight was only wearing a white t-shirt and blue pyjama bottoms at the time.

Speaking to Salford Now, Sammy said Nancy’s family was ‘going through hell’ as they waited for news and promised ‘we can fix’ whatever problems she is facing.

She said: “My mum has got a lot on her plate at the moment, her mental health has spiralled out of control.

“I believe that my mum hasn’t got the help she needs.

“She is depressed and has got anxiety.”

Nancy Smith, 48, and a mother of six has been described as a “caring” individual by her daughter. cc: Sammy Kiely.

Asked about how the past few weeks have been for her family, a tearful Sammy said: “Hell is the only way to describe it.

“We are wondering where she is, if she’s okay and who she is with.

“Why is she not coming home to her children? This is totally unlike my mum.

“Most of all, we are heartbroken and just need her home.”

Nancy, who lived in the Salford Precinct area, is said to have lost weight since she last had photos taken.

Sammy added: “She is no harm to anybody, the only person she is a danger to is herself.

“If you see her and ask her if she is Nancy, she will stand and speak to you. She is not nasty at all.”

Nancy has six children and eight grandchildren. Sammy is her eldest daughter.

“She has children with learning difficulties, so she has been caring for them. She’s been a full-time mum.

“We have our fallings-out but we always make up as well.

“We just have a typical mother-daughter relationship.”

Appealing to her mum directly, Sammy added: “Mum just come home. We can fix this.

“We just want to give you the help that you need and everything is going to be okay, we promise.

“We just want our mum back.”

She has recently been seen in Eccles Morrisons by an old friend.

The friend told Sammy ‘she didn’t say very much but said to let her children know that she is okay.’

Sammy said her mum has been spotted around Salford in Salford Precinct, Delaney Heights, Swinton, Middleton and Morrisons Supermarket in Eccles.

If you have any information that could help bring Nancy Smith back to her family please contact Greater Manchester Police on 101.

 GMP said: “If seen please call police on 101 with reference number MSP/06FF/445/20.”

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