Salford cladding

A High Rise tenant survey led by Salford City Mayor shows that 77% of residents are concerned about fire risk in their homes due to cladding.

Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett, states: “Safety should not be determined by the height of a building.” Emphasising the importance that safety should be installed into every home.

As a response to the tragedy that took place in the Grenfell tower in June 2017, the Greater Manchester High Rise Task Force was established to make sure high-rise buildings are safe from risk of fire.

The High Rise Task Force conducted this survey with 172 respondents from 95 buildings in Greater Manchester.

This survey was carried out to understand residents’ views on fire safety and their concerns.

Residents were also concerned about the effect flammable cladding would have on their mental health and finances.

Tenants claim: “The management company has proposed the costs of works to be added to our maintenance charge. This will be approximately (an) extra £1000 per month.”

Another resident said: “We have now been told that our property is worth zero which has had a very damaging effect on our relationship and mental health.”

1 in 3 residents did not know the evacuation procedure in case of a fire.

The survey suggests that those who live in flats are more concerned about the fire risk than others.

The report states: “This suggests that there is a proportion of residents in these buildings who believe they know the correct procedures, but do not.

“Residents in privately rented properties are more likely to not know the evacuation procedures at all.”

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