A Salford mum-of-four has launched a pioneering project to help feed entire families for just a fiver.

Rose Mulgrew, from Irlam, has launched ‘Five Pound Family Favourites’ to inspire people to cook cheap yet hearty meals.

The new project will run for eight weeks each Thursday until April 16 at Lady James Hall in Irlam.

Mrs Mulgrew’s project is funded and supported by Salford Health Improvement, a service committed to promoting local residents’ health and well-being.

The new project is part of Salford City Council’s anti-poverty strategy but the main goal is to feed and educate the community.

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Debbie Kemp is a Salford Health Improvement officer directly involved with the project. She was the first to recognise the potential of Mrs Mulgrew’s idea.

She said: “Salford council has an anti-poverty strategy and this is a minor part of it. But when I say minor it is with a capital M. What better way to tackle poverty than to encourage families to eat well for as cheap as possible?

“In some households, there is a choice: you either feed your family or you turn the heating up.”

For more, listen to the full story of Rose and Debbie in the audio below:

Mrs Mulgrew and Ms Kemp agree that each person can look for different things in the project: cooking tips, socialising or budgeting.

People looking to join can contact Salford Health Improvement on 0800 9521 000 or via Facebook.

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