The Salford Sleepout is back again this year.

Across Greater Manchester, 5,564 people are homeless, according to Greater Together Manchester.

After £135,000 was raised in 2019, this year Manchester and the city of Salford are once again getting involved in the Big Sleepout.

More homeless people died in Greater Manchester than in any other combined authority in England and Wales in 2018, according to the Office of National Statistics.

homeless deaths
Stats for homeless deaths Source: Office for National Statistics

The University of Salford is supporting Narrowgate Homeless shelter and the charity Salford 4 Good charity on March 20th at the Maxwell Hall (outside).

This will help raise awareness for those that may not be blessed with good shelter, food, clothes, etc. Both of these charities have different yet similar purposes in helping the community.

Narrowgate Homeless Shelter aims to provide emergency night shelter accommodation for homeless guests, as well as day time access to those able to take on a little more responsibility for themselves.

Salford 4 Good charity makes it easier for people and businesses to support and give to good causes across Salford.

Staffs and students at the University of Salford are hosting an overnight sleep out on campus to raise money for the homeless in Salford.
The money raised will be shared with the Narrowgate Project and Salford 4 Good, who help local charities across Salford as the aim of the city is to try and drop numbers in homelessness.

Paul Dennett, City Mayor of Salford and GMCA Lead on Housing, Planning and Homelessness stated that – “It is an absolute shame that in today’s world there are still people living and dying on our streets. This is something that simply should not be happening in 21st century Britain, which may i mention is the fifth richest country in the world!”

People getting involved in the Big Sleepout will have access to the University facilities in a case of emergency.
There will also be live entertainment, food/refreshments, certificate for completion and special guests at this event.

Greater Manchester is working hard to end Homelessness in all its form, therefore is asking you to join in the Big Sleepout and get involved to raise money to go towards this case.

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