A Salford based brewery is releasing a beer which is part of a global campaign to fund clean drinking water initiatives.

Shindigger Brewing Co. based in Springfield Lane, Salford, was set up by two Uni students back in 2012.

Initially, co-founders George Grant and Paul Delamere started off their venture from their student flat, with only basic brewing equipment.

After investing any spare cash and experimenting with home brewing kits, they quickly saw an opportunity to sell their beer at House parties.

Several years later, ShinDigger Brewing Co now brews around 120.000 pints a month. Since releasing over 20 styles of beer.

Through their unique HQ in Salford, there are able to have over 12 different beers in stock. This partly due to the special brewing method that takes place.

ShinDigger produces its Beer through Shadow brewing. Shadow brewing is a process where a beer is made in small batches. That is then produced in larger volume at a different location. This allows George and Paul to closely master the perfect Batch, by experimenting with it in small batches.

Partnering with Brewgooder as part of their Global Gathering campaign, ShinDigger is launching The Big Splash. The drink, which will be released on Friday the 20th March, aims to raise money. Vital money that is needed to help the people of Malawai.

The Big Splash,

As part of their contribution to the global effort, 100% of the Profits made by The Big Splash will be donated. This helping to help raise as much as possible for the campaign.

After having an exclusive taste of the drink. The Big Splash follows the style of ShinDigger’s other beer profiles, with a big flavour and taste while drinking. The drink comes in 440ml Tallboy cans, as well as draught.

All Money raised will help 100,000 people in Malawi, with access to clean drinking water.

Although, apart from brewing beer, ShinDigger also goes further, with the Brewing Co. holding events titled ShinDigger Sessions. The events, which have been happening since 2016, bring together artists, great food and unique spaces.

To find out more information about ShinDigger and the release of the new Beer The Big Splash, you can visit their website here. Also, to find out more information about the Global Gathering campaign, you can click here.

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