Salford music lessons

The Music Shed, based in Salford, has launched lessons online for their current students and new ones.

Transitioning from having an open business to a closed one has been a struggle for lots of local businesses but The Music Shed managed to find a way to deal with the changes.

Dawn Luvin, co-owner and teacher, said: “When lockdown happened we had to change our work philosophy, we were scared the school would be forced to close permanently”.

From this challenge, they saw that they would need to adapt to save their school.

With Ms Luvin going on to say, “It was a case of do or die for the business.”

Though they saw their business at risk, they also saw the community they had built under threat.

She said, “The whole focus of building a music school in Eccles was community… that was one thing we didn’t want to lose”

Ms Luvin continued, “We work with a lot of vulnerable people and SEN kids, we didn’t want them to feel as though that community had gone”

Listen to a clip of the interview with Dawn Luvin below;

This shows the importance of togetherness in these times as Luvin reiterates the importance of keeping the people they provide the service for positive.

Along with the Salford online music lessons, they have also started Social ‘Gigstancing’, a weekly showcase from their students which they stream on their Facebook page.

Ms Luvin says it’s “Making people smile for 30 minutes on a Friday night”.

But she also credits the support they have received as being very important.

Saying it has been “Overwhelming” and “If we didn’t have that kind of support we’d be in a very different place right now”.

The Music Shed has proved that, in the face of adversity, finding a common interest and working together will prevail.

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