Salford Students covid

Salford students returned to the University of Salford started last week, but life as a student has drastically changed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Universities across the North West have been making a strong effort to keep any potential outbreaks under control after young people in their 20’s see the largest increase in Covid infections. 

Many students took to social media to express their concerns regarding their return to University. With around half the classes being taught online, Salford students have been left angered by having to return to campus at all.

Digital business student, Violetta Klein explained: “I didn’t feel safe to come back at all. I feel like there was no point for me to come back because it’s a deposit for a new house, monthly payments and I’m only in work twice a week now. I go to university twice a week for an hour and a half and I feel like this could all be done online.”

Emily Pott explained her frustration: “This is the thing, this is what’s annoying me because I live at home with three at risk family members. They’d given me a timetable where I was in three days a week, yet I have friends doing the same modules who are in one day a week.

“It’s a bit annoying now because I emailed them to see if they could just move one of my classes, because I have to take public transport every day, and they said they’d get back to me but they never did so I’ve just left it now. I’m a bit uneasy about that but at the end of the day I have to do it, I’ve got no choice”

However, since classes began last week, concerns seem to have settled, and many have expressed their positive take on the situation.

Social distancing is being put into practice as well as the use of face masks and hand sanitiser. The University has been cleaning their spaces regularly, limiting the number of people allowed in certain spaces and posting regular updates on their guidelines to staying safe onto their website.

The university have also been giving out care packages to their students on campus including face masks and hand sanitiser.

For more information on the safety guidance put in place by the University of Salford, please visit

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