‘Box on the Docks’ at MediaCityUK is preparing for its return in ‘Box on the Docks at Christmas’. 

This summer, 30 greenhouses and sheds were transformed by15 artists into trendy, individual, dining pods to support social distancing at the restaurants along the dock.

Last weekend was the final chance to see them before they went for their winter transformation. Now, more new creatives from Manchester and Greater Manchester will be decorating the boxes with all new festive designs. Depending on the ever changing government guidelines, the boxes should return to MediaCityUk at the end of November.

‘Box on the Docks’ was created to support the hospitality and arts industry after they had been struck hard by Covid-19. The boxes that have been up all summer have seen “thousands of visitors” flock to MediaCityUK.

For more information and to be first to know when the boxes are back head to: https://www.boxonthedocks.co.uk/ 


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