A Salford golf player has decided to participate in this year’s ‘Sober October’ campaign to raise money for cancer during the Covid-19 pandemic and in memory of his parents passing away from the condition.

This year, the ‘Sober October’ initiative has teamed up with Macmillan Cancer Support to encourage those around the UK to go alcohol-free to help themselves and others.

Not only does having a break from alcohol provide great health benefits, it also means those taking part will be doing something amazing for people with cancer.

Steve Blackman, a member of Worsley Golf Club, has taken on the challenge in the past and has decided to do it again.

“I did it about 4 or 5 years ago when it was hosted in January, so I did the ‘Go Sober’ challenge for a whole month just after Christmas with the same sort of thing and raising money for Cancer Research.

“I just thought it would be something a little bit different to distract people’s minds from what we’re going through with Covid-19 and, from a personal point of view, it gives me a break from alcohol for a month and just helps me to try to kick-start a healthier lifestyle in general.

“It’s a bit of a double-whammy as it also gives me the opportunity to raise some money for a really worthy cause.”

Steve Blackman pointing at his alternatives for alcohol this month: coffee and chocolate
Photo credit: Steve Blackman

Since the beginning of his sober journey, Blackman has managed to raise over £850 for his £1000 target with only being halfway through the month.

Getting involved in this movement holds a special meaning to the 58-year-old due to both of his parents passing away from cancer.

“I’ve had personal experiences of the impact of cancer where my mum passed away when I was only about 17.

“My mum was only 38 when she passed away with cancer so obviously it’s very close to me and my family.

“My dad also passed away from cancer around 16 years ago and also several close golf club friends have been lost to cancer over the past few years so, from a personal point of view, it has affected my family and friends and I know that it continues to affect lots of people across the world.

Steve Blackman’s mum and dad before their passing
Photo credit: Steve Blackman

“Even though the current focus on Covid-19 is absolutely right, it doesn’t distract from all the other things that we’re still trying to deal with.”

Not only is Blackman a member of Worsley Golf Club, he is the current President and has received a great amount of support from other fellow members of the golf club. He speaks more on this, along with how the club have helped him on his sober adventure, how the experience has been so far and whether he would get involved with the cause again:

If you would like to help Steve Blackman reach his target in raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support, visit his fundraising profile page.

If you would like to join Steve Blackman and many others taking part, visit the website to find out more.

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