Amy Scott and family fundraising for her uncle

A woman from Swinton is fundraising for her Uncle with terminal cancer, whose final wish is to go on a caravan holiday with his family.

Gavin Scott, 43, originally from Salford, was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix last year which has now developed to stage 4. He has been told that there are no more treatments available.

His niece Amy Scott, 21, has been fundraising to make his last wish of a caravan holiday with his wife Susan and their sons, Adam and Jason, happen.

Niece Amy said: “He only had two wishes, and he’s managed to do one of them which was to get married and his final wish is to go on a caravan holiday with his family.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Gavin has had to shield away from his sons Adam, 19, and Jason, 14,  leaving their mum, Susan as sole carer for her husband.

Gavin Scott (top left) with family at 40th Birthday.
Image Credit- Amy Scott

However, in July the family was unfortunately told that the cancer had spread to his lungs.

Gavin’s first wish to get married came true on October 6, when he married Susan, having been together since their 20’s.

Amy’s GoFundMe page has already raised over £3000 in hopes of making her uncle’s final wish come true for him and his family.

“I’m such a proud niece, and it would mean so much if we could get him to the caravan holiday.”

Now Amy and the rest of the family are hoping to raise as much money as possible for her Uncle.

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