Cash for Kids

The Salford Lads & Girls Football Club are looking for people to help donate to their ‘Cash For Kids’ challenge to help raise funds for their teams.

The ‘Cash For Kids’ challenge works on how much one person donates to the cause. The highest donator gets an extra £5,000, second highest £3,000 and third highest £1,000. The total sum of money will be invested into the club for everyday resources.

“The reason why we wanna do it is to spend a lot more money on the kids basically”, says club coach/admin Paul O’Grady. “The lads club have been helping us, they are a charity so they’ve been helping us. But because we’re expanding to 4 teams it just the extra cost that comes with it”.

The junior football club are supported by the Salford Lads Club, a locally famous music venue that has now turned into a community hub for charity initiatives and supporting local sports clubs.

Image Credit: Paul O’Grady

The club have four teams made up of under 14’s, 13’s, 12’s and 10’s. The increase in teams has meant that more money is needed and with having to adjust to COVID’s lockdown requirements earlier this year, football had to be put on hold.

O’Grady talks about the ramifications of COVID saying, “The kids weren’t able to build their skills, no playing out with friends, no football. They’re kids, you can tell they love training on Thursday there enthusiastic about it and love being apart of it. They missed being apart of a team”.

“What the coaches did during the lockdown time is that they kept in touch with the parents and dished out some challenges. Challenges like the toilet roll challenge; how many kick ups you can do with a toilet roll”.

Money has been at a premium for everyone this year as COVID takes it’s toll. The Salford Lads & Girls Football Club will use donations to help benefit the players. Kits, equipment and pitch fee’s all require money to help the club grow.

Image Credit: Paul O’Grady

“We’re in the process of getting new kits and we need an away kit, plus better equipment for training, says O’Grady.  “Everything we raise it will be put back into the club. We have one training session a week in which we have to pay for the astro, and we’re trying to get another one but it all costs money”.

“We’re conscious we live in an area where it isn’t quite as affluent. We have had a couple of people who have donated a nice amount of money for us, but its more a case of whatever we get we will work with”.

Football is a great outlet for young kids to boost their physical health and help build a sense of community for the players. Salford Lads Club like many other junior football clubs around Salford and Greater Manchester need to survive in order to grow young children’s football abilities and possibly, help create the sport’s next promising players.

Video Credit: Paul O’Grady


If you would like to donate to the ‘Cash For Kids’ challenge, click here

The deadline for donations is November 1st.

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