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Salford Royal Hospital says it will work ‘collaboratively’ to take care of patients, following a leaked report that revealed that the hospital’s intensive care units was at full capacity.

The report indicated that the Royal has no spare intensive care beds to deal with an influx of patients suffering from Covid-19.

The document shows that as of last week, 82% of critical care beds in all of Greater Manchester were being used, The Guardian reports, while Salford, Stockport and Bolton were at full capacity.

Salford has been one of the most affected areas in Greater Manchester, with 5,994 cases.

A statement issued by Salford Royal Hospital, said: “We really appreciate the desire from the media and the public to understand what the current ICU and hospital situation is in terms of Covid-19 in Greater Manchester.”

“We want to be open about this situation. This is a dynamic, changing situation and our hospitals will vary their overall bed capacity, including ICU, to cope with demand, as well as working collaboratively to take care of patients; therefore the overall numbers and capacity in the system and in individual hospitals vary from day-to-day.”

“It is important to take the time to explain this correctly and consistently so please bear with us.”

The recent leak suggests and intensive care unit bed occupation across Manchester could be higher than the first peak in April.

This comes as the Prime Minister pushes for Manchester to enter into ‘Tier 3’, the highest tier of restrictions. However, a decision has not been made yet.

Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham criticised the government plans for a tier 3 lockdown, calling them ‘flawed’ and ‘unfair’. He said putting Manchester under a lockdown without the right support: “Will cause harm to people’s mental health and is not certain to control the virus.”

Burnham has written to the Prime Minister and party leaders, calling for a better lockdown deal.

In the letter, Burnham expresses his concerns with the Tier 3 plans, saying: “The level of support being offered to areas entering Tier 3 will be insufficient both to prevent people experiencing serious hardship in the run-up to Christmas and businesses from collapsing.”

Michael Gove accused Manchester leadership of “risking lives” by not agreeing to the new restrictions. He said: “Instead of press conferences and posturing, what we need is action to save people’s lives.”

Burnham hit back at Gove, saying: “Sticking up for people who are the lowest paid is not posturing. It’s representation.”

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