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Penelope’s deli is giving free meals to Salford children throughout the October half term after a government vote ruled free school meals would no longer continue throughout school holidays. 

The Deli based inside the Doc10 studios at Media City, is open every day of the school holidays for families to collect meals.

Owner of Penelope’s, Carla Taylor, expressed her frustration with the result of the vote, she said: “I was catching up on the news and I saw that the vote had taken place. I just went ‘for god’s sake’.

“I was just disappointed. The government knew the reasons why free school meals were necessary and they voted against it, so that’s it.”

Taylor said: “the decision to give out meals was a no-brainer. It’s common sense. It’s food. It shouldn’t be a question, and the government aren’t gonna help so we just have to help, it’s so important. There is no thought behind it.

“There will be people that are going to be stressed by that announcement and parents that are gonna be thinking what are we going to do?”

The deli are giving the meals out with “no questions asked”. Taylor said: “people are giving their names and the reasons why they need the food. Honestly don’t even worry about saying why, just give us your name, it’s fine.

“If we’ve got your name, come, order what you want and then leave.”

So far, the deli have gained a positive response from the public, Taylor said: “people have been dropping money off at the deli, which we are going to put towards stock costs.

“We had a response from the community within about ten minutes.”

Taylor then goes on to say how important it is to help to end food poverty, she added: “food-banks are at capacity, and with the extra load of the school holidays, its so important to help.

“If we don’t do it then who will. If not, people do not get fed.”

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