School uniforms

Salford charity Emmaus are giving away free school uniforms to those who are financially struggling.

For parents who are struggling to afford uniforms, the charity offers multiple items for free such as coats, bags, shoes, writing equipment and more.

The charity started the school uniform hub in summer, just before the rush for uniforms, and has since helped 34 families with 95 children.

Eileen McKay Crowe, support officer for Emmaus Salford, said: “We attended a few meetings with charities in the area such as Mustard Tree and Wood Street Mission via the Salford Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) and we found there was a real amount of poverty going on with uniforms. It was leading to a lot of hardship for a lot of families, so we were asked if we would get involved with providing free school uniforms through donations.

“There’s a lot of poverty in Salford and we don’t feel that children should have to suffer because parents are struggling.

Permission to use from Eileen Crowe

“We contacted Sal’s Shoes and they helped us to fit out our school uniform hub and decorate it. Then we put out a massive appeal and went to places like Tesco to ask for spare uniforms.

“If a school can see parents are struggling with uniforms, they can make a referral to us and ask them to come in. We’ll offer them a brew and make it like having a personal shopper because we didn’t want people coming in and feeling ashamed.

Permission to use from Eileen Crowe

“We’re very polite and welcoming to people who come in and we’ll give families one of everything to be fair. We’ll also try and make sure all our donated clothes either are new or look new.”

The charity has worked alongside many primary and secondary schools in Salford and have received donations from schools such as Bridgewater School in Worsley, who donated around 1,000 water bottles.

Going to the uniform hub doesn’t have to be a one time visit as Crowe says: “If the clothes wear out, which they will, they can come back and get more.

“We’re not judgemental at all and we’ll help to support you as much as we can. Whichever way we can help, we will.”

If you want to get a free uniform, you can apply through an organisation, such as a school or community group, or you can visit Emmaus’ website for more information here

The charity are in desperate need of logoed sweatshirts for local primary schools in the area. If you want to donate these, or any other clothes, you can drop them off at the Emmaus’ Community Homestore at the location below or call 0161 848 7250.

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