A new mobile coffee pod has arrived in Worsley, providing the local community with hot beverages and sweet treats while enjoying their autumn strolls. 

Nomad Coffee Company, located beside Bridgewater Canal, is a family run business, giving customers an opportunity to sip on a warm hot chocolate or coffee as they enjoy the outdoors.

Founder Cat Rainey, 33, from Worsley, said: “Since Covid-19, I was made redundant from my corporate job, so this was a perfect opportunity to go and do something really different that we probably wouldn’t have done before.

“One of our main business objectives was to use local suppliers, so with our brownies and cakes that we supply which are renowned in the area, they’re from the Worsley Bakehouse and they go down an absolute storm.”

The outdoor takeaway service has not been affected by the recent lockdown measures.

She said: “Because it is mobile and outdoors, in terms of Covid we are able to still serve and do business as usual, which has been really good for us.

“The local community are absolutely loving it, as it brings people out on the weekends.

”Now we’re in lockdown, you can only really meet people outdoors so it’s the perfect opportunity to come and grab a drink and go for a nice walk with your family.”

Nomad Coffee Company also supported the Free School Meals campaign, providing children with a free hot chocolate during the half-term break.


Cat said: “I grew up on a council estate myself and I lived in a one-bedroom flat with my mum, so I’ve sort of been there and seen it myself.

“Obviously we don’t do meals as such, but for me, if a family is struggling financially during this time and they’re thinking in the half-term what am I going to do with the children, it can be expensive to go on a day out with your child or family.”

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