Channel 4’s hit series ‘Educating’ is back on our screens tonight, and will once again follow the daily life at a school at Salford.

Harrop Fold School in Little Hulton was a huge hit with the viewers when it first aired in 2017 and for the first time in the shows history they will return to the Salford school for a second series of Educating Greater Manchester.

The show debuted in 2011 with Educating Essex before moving to Yorkshire in 2013 and then London a year later. In 2015 the show filmed in Cardiff before moving to Manchester for the first time in 2017.

Being one of the most realistic reality shows on our screens it has won Baftas and Emmys for its heartwarming scenes.

What can you expect from this series?

The show was filmed pre-COVID back in 2018 with head teacher Mr. Povey presiding over the school.

There is trouble from the start as tip off from a member of the public saying they had seen a pupil with a knife entering the school, results in a wide spread search to find the culprit.

The year 7’s are branded as the naughtiest yet and there is an illegal trade of sweets, drinks and chocolate which needs to be stamped out.

Who are the pupils?

A number of fan favorites will be returning for this season.

This includes cheeky Vincent, who’s going into Year 10 and Katelyn, who is in Year 9.

Katelyn is desperate to become a midwife, but she gets in trouble when she keeps bunking off lessons.

Will she change her ways to get her dream career?

New pupil Jacob is sure to pull on the heartstrings, as he discusses his struggles with dyslexia.

The baby-faced boy says: “I don’t make a big deal out of it, like if I spelled something wrong, it’s not like I say, ‘Oh, it’s my dyslexia’ and I try getting help, I just try to do it better next time. I don’t put everything [down to] to my dyslexia.

“I can read a book, read a few pages then I’ll leave it for a bit. I’ve finished a book before, I finished my first book in Year 6. I can get through it on my own.”

The show airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9:15 p.m.



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