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A mesmerizing 3D experience is set to captivate local audiences with “C-o-n-t-a-c-t”, a unique outdoor performance in Salford Quays planned for January.

Unlike other theatre productions, the show will not take place inside the Lowry itself. Instead, the audience will follow the actors around the Salford Quays area.

By downloading an app, the audience will be able to hear Sara, the leading character, through her thoughts as she battles with emotional problems and anxiety.

Katy Lipson, one of the producers, said: “The observers are inside the head of the characters.”

Later in the play, she goes onto meet the second character, Raphael, and the play follows them as they move through life.

Director Samual Sene said: “We are in a very strange world and we need to express empathy with characters and emotions.

“It is a completely immersive experience.”

The play was first developed in March of this year and has been created in a way that completely adheres to local restrictions caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

As the audience and performers are not inside the theatre itself, they are able to remain socially distanced. All of the audio comes to listeners through the app so the actors do not need to speak at any time.

Sene added: “It is a Covid-free play. You can choose if you want to be close to the actor or far away.”

The play was originally conceived as an idea in Paris by WEF productions and Aria Entertainment. It then came to London and is now set to be performed in Salford Quays and a location in Manchester.

Producer Katy Lipson wanted to bring the play to the Manchester area next as this is where she is originally from, however, it will be getting performed in countries across Europe and the rest of the world, with locations in Germany, Brussels, and even Chile being announced shortly.

C-o-n-t-a-c-t will run in Greater Manchester for six weeks with three shows being in Salford itself.

The show has already attracted the attention of the national press and is sure to delight theatre lovers across the city.

Tickets are available here.

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