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Leading up to Christmas, a socially-distanced Nativity Window Trail has been set up to bring hope to the Salford community during this month’s lockdown.

The festive activity, hosted by Langworthy Community Church, is a simple idea to invite locals to decorate windows using the theme of ‘hope’ as inspiration.

Natalie Lane, organiser of the event and member of Langworthy Community Church, says: “Our focus has been the local area [for decorating windows], but because of needing to do something that is Covid-safe, we then actually thought, there’s no point just limiting it to our local area.

“We might as well just put it open to the whole of the city. Whoever wants to get involved, can.”

If you are a member of the Salford community, you have from now until 7 December to book and decorate your chosen window.

Nativity Window Trail week then runs from the 7 to 13 December, where members of the community can explore Salford and have a look at all the decorated windows.

window trail salford
Image credit: Langworthy Community Church Nativity Window Trail Facebook page

Lane continues: “Hopefully everything will be set up by then, and people will just be able to enjoy it and light their windows between 4pm and 8pm during that week.

“All windows decorated will be made into an interactive map, so they can look at the map and find other windows in their area, and it will be a fun but Covid-safe Christmas.”

The concept initially came from stories surrounding the birth of Jesus, particularly The Nativity Story, which embraces ‘hope’ and never giving up.

Lane says: “The thinking behind this has come out of recent events, we just need a bit of good news, don’t we? The Nativity Story in the bible is described as good news for all the people, so we just want to really grab hold of that this Christmas time and just encourage each other.

“In Salford, we’re known for our resilience and creativity, so I really hope the Nativity Window Trail will help us unleash our creativity and just bring hope to our neighbours and our community.”

Over the past 15 years, Langworthy Community Church has held Christmas carol services, but due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is unlikely to happen this year.

If you would like to take part in the Nativity Window Trail, head over to their Facebook page or head straight to the registration page to book your window.

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