Salford Rum Company

Salford Rum Company has released a new festive collection with two “effortlessly cool and great-tasting spiced rums.” 

The collection includes Salford’s Spiced Rum retailing at £45.00 and the Dark Spiced Rum at £35.00 (40% abv).

The runners-up at the World Rum and Cachaca Awards created their Spiced Rum infused with vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and dried Caribbean fruits.

Alternatively, Salford Rum Company commented that their Dark Spiced Rum “delights with flavors of vanilla, coconut, burnt caramel, and cloves.

Salford Rum Company
Dark Spice

Co-founder of the Salford Rum Company, James Harrison said: “In Dark Spice, we’ve created a rum that tastes amazing in a classic Cuba Libre.

“While the original Spiced Rum stands up at the heart of a multitude of cocktails.”

These spirits are encased in bottles designed by Dave Draws, which present an intricate design of the Salford Dock, which grew to be the third-largest port in the UK.

Salford Rum Company
Dark Spice Rum paired with a sweet treat.

Harrison added: “Spiced Rum has undergone somewhat of a renaissance over the last year.

“Rum was the hero of at-home lockdown drinking, growing more than any other spirit.

“Shoppers recognise a unique, premium brand with a real, authentic link to local, northern history.

This unique collection of Salford Rum Company was created in celebration of the historical landmark, Salford Docks. And, their spirits were inspired by the imports of fruits, spices, and rum landing on the British Shores for the very first time.

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