A woman from Salford has been forced to fundraise her own wheelchair as ones funded by the NHS are not appropriate for her condition.

Danielle Maycox, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, has been left no option but to set up a JustGiving page to fundraise for a wheelchair costing nearly £27,000.

The genetic disease causes muscles to waste throughout the body and Maycox’s current wheelchair is no longer fit for purpose because of her ever-changing needs.

The Swinton resident said: “I started using my first electric wheelchair when I was just two years old.

At 29 years old, I have now lost most of my movement and can only use my right hand.

“I require around the clock care which is provided by my mum and use a ventilator to help me breathe overnight.”

Maycox’s previous wheelchair was funded by Caudwell Children when she was 18, however, now she has to find the funds herself as the wheelchair is a necessity.

Image credit: Danielle Maycox

She added: “The Precision Rehab Piccolino [wheelchair] will mean that I can continue to enjoy the independence that my current chair has allowed me for almost 11 years.

“It will allow me to tilt and recline when my back is hurting and also raise up to eye level to allow me to interact with others.

“I have to change position regularly throughout the day to prevent pressure sores and having this chair would mean that I can do that at the touch of a button.

“The right chair is so important not only for my physical health but also my mental health as it allows me to just get on with enjoying the things that I love.”

Image credit: Danielle Maycox

On what was the 25th anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 this weekend, Maycox’s story highlights there may still be room for improvement.

According to the government website, there are approximately 11 million living with long term illness, impairment or disability in the UK yet Maycox does not feel supported.

She said: “Over the years I’ve seen that accessibility has massively improved for people with different disabilities but there is still room for more to be done.

“Starting a JustGiving page wasn’t an easy decision, I was worried that people would pity me or feel sorry for me and that’s not what I want but given the situation I was left with no other option.

“I’ve spent hour after hour emailing different charities asking if they offer grants or support towards wheelchairs for disabled adults and each time I’ve been turned away due to being over 25.

“It’s like for some reason once your over 25, you just don’t matter anymore.”

“The response so far has been absolutely incredible and I just really never expected it. I’m blown away by people’s generosity towards somebody that they haven’t even met and I’m so grateful for every donation and share.”

If you would like to help Danielle Maycox in fundraising for her new and improved wheelchair, make sure to follow the link down below:

Justgiving link 

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