Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research charity has brought the Christmas cheer to Salford this week with their Reindeer Rush challenge.

The challenge aims to raise donations for the charity, and invites the Salford locals to rack up their miles in teams to power their reindeer 1300 miles to Lapland in time for Christmas!

Costing only £5 to sign up, everyone taking part will be put into a team of 15 that will aim for 86 miles each – if you can’t find your own, the charity will assign a team to you, so it is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbours and make new friendships in Salford, all whilst raising money for children suffering with cancer.

The event started on the 4th November, however there is still time to join, as registration closes on the 15th November [today!], and the run will finish on the 6th December.

Ms Alison England, the fundraising manager for Kidscan explained: “Due to the pandemic, we have been unable to plan our usual events like Carol concerts and group fundraisers so we needed a social distance challenge for everyone and we thought a Reindeer Rush would be great fun!

“We ask that each person runs, walks or Cycles and as a team, cover 1300 miles back to Lapland in time for Christmas!”

This is the first year that the charity have done a Reindeer rush, and works well with current Covid-19 restrictions, as it does not require any group activities in person – everything is recorded virtually, and team members do not have to do the run together (in person).

Each team represents a reindeer, and each reindeer has been sponsored by local businesses –  all except for Blitzen, who is still waiting for a sponsor, with the deadline for sponsoring a reindeer fast approaching on the 17th November.

Ms England added: “Anyone can get involved, you are either invited to join a team by a sponsor or sign up to a team of your choice. The more people in your team, the quicker you will get to Lapland!

“You don’t have to be an Olympic runner, as simply walking the dog or going for a stroll can tote up the miles!”

Ms England explained that any donations are welcome, even if you do not want to join the race: “We believe every child diagnosed with cancer should be able to survive and thrive throughout adulthood”.

To ask about sponsoring a reindeer then please contact or

Alternatively, if you don’t want to sign up to the challenge you can simply donate to the charity on their website.

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