Manchester United player Marcus Rashford had managed to convince the government to continue the distribution of free school meals in Salford during the summer.

As of two weeks ago, MPs had downvoted the plan to extend the scheme into the Christmas holidays and the start of 2021.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett expressed his disapproval on the government’s refusal to extend the scheme and explained how Salford Council has decided to take it into their own hands to help out and provide the free meal vouchers:

“I, like many others across the country, was shocked to hear about the government’s refusal to back Marcus Rashford’s proposals – proposals which themselves were based on the government’s own commissioned policy recommendations.

“Salford City Council will not be letting children go hungry over half-term or the Christmas holidays.

So today I am committing to find £10 a week for all children on free school meals in our city for that period. I’d also like to thank the organisations providing grab bag meals in the city too – it is really appreciated.”

The council has estimated over 10000 children between multiple boroughs will be receiving the free school meals from this initiative.

Earlier this year Rashford had urged the government to change their policy on school meals to allow 1.4 million children access to them over the summer.

His petition now having reached over 1 million signatures, local businesses have also committed to helping the cause.

Image of the online petition Created by Marcus Rashford.

Rashford stays active and vocal about the campaign on his twitter and the changes his petition has made for people across the UK.

Many of these people tweeted out to him to share their efforts.


Further information on the petition is avaliable on his twitter as well as the government website.




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