Having a cuppa and a catchup in the park provides a welcome oasis for Salfordians.

A pavilion located in Buile Hill Park is helping Salford residents to get out of the house and into the park for some socially distanced hot drinks.

In March the Cafe was forced to close due to the nationwide lockdown. Once restrictions eased, through the work of the community and the council it meant that the pavilion cafe was able to re-open.

Speaking to Sharron Powell from Friends of Buile Hill park said: “The cafe has come leaps and bounds, in some way COVID has helped with that” “Different people have been down from the croquette team, to young people being furloughed, new people in the community and  the regulars”

Friends of Buile Hill Park open the pavilion every Wednesday from 1pm to 4pm to allow park walkers a chance to have a hot drink and some time to check in on others in such a struggling time.

Taken by Fergus Adderley

As we enter the third week of “Lockdown 2.0”  and the year draws to a close. The cold months of winter can become a lonely time for people. 

Keeping open outdoor spaces such as the pavilion means people can be around others and not feel so isolated this Christmas.



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