Salford art experts Walk the Plank have partnered with the Working Class Movement Library to launch their ‘Begin the World Over Again’ podcast.

Inspired by political theorist Thomas Paine’s quote ‘we have it in our power to begin the world over again’, the six-part series will explore a range of concepts documented in the library and consider their position in 2020 and beyond.

Ben Turner, Project Co-ordinator, said: “This brave and ambitious new 2020 project involves artists and members of the Library’s writing group working together to explore the radical ideas of the Library’s collection within a contemporary context.

“We want each of our podcast duos to bring the same revolutionary verve to their exploration of their chosen themes to provoke new polemic thoughts.”

The collaboration, which is a product of lockdown, was introduced at a virtual Being Human Festival event to celebrate History Day 2020 on Thursday.

Lynette Cawthra, Library Manager at the Working Class Movement Library, explained: “The project presents an opportunity for the Working Class Movement Library to digitise some of its unique collection, and to open the collection up to new audiences through the power of podcasting.

“Through this project’s digital focus, the radical ideas of the past can invigorate audiences worldwide, not just those who can make the journey to the Library in Salford.”

Tracy Drysdale discusses her podcast episode ‘Can solidarity make a comeback?’ on Zoom

Funded by contributions from Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund, the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund and the University of Salford, the six instalments will each be hosted by a new artist and a contributor from the 2019 partnership ‘Bones of Paine’.



To subscribe to the podcast and listen to its first episode ‘Inspiring women and women who are inspiring’, click here.

More information about Begin the World Over Again can be found on Twitter via Walk the Plank and the Working Class Movement Library.

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