A Salford primary school has appeared in the Sunday Times top 500 schools of the year this weekend.

St Andrew C.E Primary School placed 322nd in the list and has been on the Sunday Times list two times before.

Mike Platt, the headteacher of St Andrew’s, said: “We appear to be getting high quality results and high standards all the time and I think that’s down to consistency of practice.

“Whilst I’m in charge, I’m going to be doing everything I can to maintain these results.”

Mr Platt is proud of how his school approaches education and reinforces the idea of making school enjoyable as well as educational.

Here’s what Mr Platt had to say about what he thinks is important for pupil attainment:

The primary school has been part of the Boothstown community for more than 125 years and is a National Teaching School, which take a leading role in recruiting and training aspiring teachers.

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