Leaseholders of Millennium Tower, Salford Quays, may face bills of up to £80,000 after discovering the building has fire safety defects.

Both Millennium Tower and Millennium Quays could cost between £13.4 million and £19 million, with costs being covered by the occupants.



The buildings are reported to have issues such as poorly installed fire breaks, which prevents the spread of fires between apartments.

Jake Brammer, who lives in Millennium Point, has begun a campaign on Twitter to dispute the issues the residence are now facing.

“We cannot pay this sort of money as we do not have it”.

Jake has lived in the building since 2017 and received notice of the fire problems 3 weeks ago. He has since had a meeting with local MP Rebeca Long Bailey who he said have been “extremely helpful”.

He said he would be unable to sell the property due to a lack of paperwork, something that can’t be provided until the defects are fixed. “Prior to finding out about these issues, our property was on the market … the property is technically worth £0 right now”.

After the Grenfell tragedy which saw the death of 71 people due to flammable cladding, residence fear a similar incident could occur.

“Now we are in the second lockdown, it is terrifying to know we are locked in a building where apparent fire defects have been found” Jake continued.

Both buildings “don’t have enough money in reserve via our service charge to pay the initial scope of work” he said.

A £1 billion fund to remove non-ACM cladding has been set up by the government as thousands of tenants across buildings in the UK, including Salford had dangerous cladding.

However, Jake says the fund may not cover costs for the defects as the criteria “is incredibly vague”.

Millennium Point, Salford Quays – Photo by Niamh Pugh

The Manchester Cladiators are also campaigning for both dangerous cladding and fire safety issues.

The group has had the support from both the Mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett and Andy Burnham, Greater Manchester Mayor.

“The £1bn fund is only expected to cover a small percentage of buildings” said Natalie Cureton, who is helping the campaign.

Natalie, a cancer research scientist, lives in Imperial Point in Salford Quays which when surveyed, revealed flammable cladding.

Like Jake, Natalie is unable to sell her apartment due to the ongoing cladding and fire safety issues.

She said: “my job is relocating down South next year, if the cladding issues are not sorted by then, I will not be able to move with my job”.

Both @MPMTSalford and @mcrcladiators are campaigning via Twitter.

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