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Salford CVS are offering £500 grants to organisations that support those affected by hate crime.

Organisations in Salford can apply for the grant to fund events that are centered around the prevention of hate crime, encouragement to report crimes, and support for victims.

The deadline to apply for a “too great for hate” grant is Friday 27 November, and the money will be provided in time for hate crime awareness week in February.

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There were 463 hate crimes reported by Greater Manchester police in Salford in the six months leading up to March 2019, proving how vital this support is for the city.

Wad Adam, an 18-year-old living in Salford, experienced a hate crime just six months after moving to the city.

He said: “When I was riding my bike at night, suddenly a lot of guys came in front of me trying to fight me and take my bike.

“I said to them ‘what’s wrong’ and they just started hitting me and pushing me and banged my head.”

Mr Adam believes the attack was racially motivated and he spent six days in the hospital recovering from his injuries, after a kind stranger had helped to help him get to the hospital.

He says he would benefit immensely from the support these grants will be funding, because meeting others who have been through similar situations would help him feel less alone.

Mr Adam said: “I don’t want to go out at night because it really makes me feel bad and scares me.

“I want to talk to people if they can support me.

“I live by myself at the moment, so I don’t have anyone here in Salford.”

Councillor Derrek Antrobus said about the scheme: “Salford has always had a culture of including people and we strongly support any efforts to reduce hate crime.”

If you are an organisation who could benefit from the grant, find out how to apply here.

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