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On the 20th November, the Velvet Shakes announced the release of their brand new single, ‘World’ and it has already reached over 2,000 streams on Spotify.

Including all the upbeat elements of Disco, Electro Pop, and House, this new track is proving to be a huge success with their fans.

Fans leave positive comments on Velvet Shake’s Facebook post, announcing the release of the new single

Formed in June 2018, the Salford band is made up of four musicians: Louie Donnelly, Josh Bithell, Scott Hill, and Ant Hickey. They describe themselves as ‘somewhere in the sludge between Electronic Disco and Cosmic Pop’.

The bassist, Louie, expressed how happy he is with how people have been responding to their new track.

“It’s been good! People seem to be right behind it, to be honest. The streams have been really good and everyone seems to be enjoying it, so that’s the main thing”, he said.

Louie explained that the inspiration behind the song actually came from a conversation that lead guitarist, Josh, heard on the street.

Copyright permission granted by Velvet Shakes

“Josh was walking down the street, and he heard someone in conversation say ‘walking around the world’ and I think when he heard that phrase, he thought it would be quite interesting to use.

“He had the music already written, but we didn’t have a chorus hook, so when he heard that, he thought it would work quite well with the music.

“The meaning behind the track is that, as a band it’s quite important now more than ever to have confidence in yourself. Hopefully people will get that message.”

Luckily, the parts to ‘World’ had all been recorded prior to lockdown, allowing Josh to produce it in his bedroom when restrictions were introduced.

“He writes all the tunes and produces them at home. We’ve all been trying to get involved as much as we can, though.”


Copyright permission granted by Velvet Shakes. The band members have a socially distanced meeting about new music.

Louie hopes that lockdown restrictions will positively impact the success of ‘World’.

“No one is really going out, so I’m hoping that people will spend a bit more time listening to new music. Hopefully, people are looking out for new bands too.

“It would help if we could play it live. That’s something that we really are missing. It’s a big thing for us, to be able to gig, its something we love to do.”

Before lockdown, Velvet Shakes were regularly being featured on BBC introducing Manchester. They were also due to perform at Kendall Calling, which unfortunately couldn’t go ahead.

“It was such a massive thing for us, and for it to be taken away, it’s quite disheartening, really.

“We’re trying to stay positive as a band. We can’t wait to get back out there and start gigging and rehearsing again.”

Listen to part of the interview here:

You can listen to Velvet shakes ‘World’ on Spotify

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