A councillor has urged carers to understand their rights and take advantage of support available across Salford.

Lewis Nelson, Cadishead Ward Councillor and previously a support worker, was marking Carers Rights Day.

The 26th November is used to acknowledge those taking on more caring responsibilities for their relatives and friends who are disabled, ill or older and who need support.

“Until very recently I worked as a young carers support worker in Salford, supporting young carers and their families 1-1,” said Cllr Nelson.

“There are at least three carers in every [school] class of 30 – and the vast majority haven’t been identified and therefore don’t receive any support and may not even recognise themselves as carers.

“It’s so important for carers of all ages to know their rights. I understand how caring can sometimes be draining and exhausting whilst being the most rewarding worthwhile thing you can do.”

Cllr Nelson, who is also a Primary School Chair of Governors and Vice chair of Salford Children’s Scrutiny, said there is support available for those working as carers.

“Employers sometimes can be unlawfully difficult, and the nature of a caring role can mean you don’t get time for yourself or feel like the services your loved one needs are listening to your expert opinion on care, treatment and support,” he said.

“I would encourage all carers irrespective of age in the city to use today, Carers Rights Day, to take a little time out to understand your rights and entitlements.

“In Salford, Gaddum run a carers support service on behalf of Salford Council.

Gaddum Centre Carer Services has launched an initiative on its Website to celebrate Carers Rights Day for the whole week.

From Monday 23 November until Sunday 29 November, they will make available relevant free material, useful to inform carer workers about their rights.

There are a number of care providers in Salford.

Lia, employee of Homecare Solutions Ltd, said: “We have to raise awareness of carer groups because they enjoy looking after people and they are good communicators.”

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