With Black Friday rapidly approaching on 27th November, shoppers can expect to be seeing some major discounts from big retailers, but now is the best time to be helping out local businesses.

As one of the biggest shopping events in the UK calendar, it saw £7.8bn spent by UK consumers in 2019, with a 8% increase expected for this year.

Whilst major comapnies are able to offer some huge deals this time of year, many small businesses are struggling as a result of Covid-19, and are not able to offer such substantial discounts, but still have a lot to offer.



Ex-fashion designer Emma Blackett, 28, runs a small art prints business ‘@theprintstudiomcr’ and sells her designs via Instagram and Etsy.

The Print Store “Grapefruit Print” – Credit: @theprintstoremcr and Emma Blackett

Speaking on Black Friday deals, Emma said: “I’ve decided to do a small Black Friday sale which is currently running, but as a small business I can’t offer any more than 10% off as unfortunately my margin would be way too small unlike major retailers!”

Shoppers can get 10% off with a spend of £8 or more until the 2nd December, using the discount code cybersale2020.

The Print Store “Charity Christmas Cards” – Credit: @theprintstoremcr and Emma Blackett

“I still would like to give back as everyone loves a deal!” said Emma.

The Print Studio currently has a 5-star rating on Etsy, selling a variety of prints, greetings cards, and personalisable art, and offering free-delivery on selected items.

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