A food poverty charity is aiming to feed 60 families in Salford and surrounding areas during the festive season by delivering ready-to-cook Christmas dinners. 

Humans MCR provide food parcels to families across Greater Manchester, including Salford. This year they are delivering the ingredients for Christmas dinners to vulnerable families which just need to be cooked.

Lewey Hellewell, Founder and Operations Manager at Humans MCR, spoke to Salford Now about the charities plan to bring Christmas cheer to families across Salford.

He said: “This is our second year; our Christmas campaign last year was slightly different. We had a homeless kitchen up in Bury and sent out hot Christmas dinners on Christmas day.

“We have decided to do it slightly differently this year, it’s a similar project to the one we ran last year but logistically a little bit different, as we’re sending out the items which you can prepare yourself at home as opposed to cooked items which you would just reheat.

Humans MCR are aiming to provide Christmas dinners and toys to 60 families in Salford, Manchester and Bury. (cc: Humans MCR)

“All the deliveries will be Covid secure, we will be delivering ingredients to the households on the afternoon of December 23, so the products are fresh and ready to go for Christmas day.

“What we really want to do is make sure there is a gift in the parcel for every person in the family, whether we do that or not depends on if we reach our fundraising target.”

Families can be added to the list for Christmas dinners by being referred by individuals, referral agencies, job centre workers, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, their local GP and more.

Mr Hellewell added: “We don’t decide on who gets the support. We rely on the referral agent to assess that need because it’s those people who are working with these vulnerable families in the community. They know who needs this more than we ever would.

“It’s a first come, first serve basis. We accept that the local professionals in the community are better placed to assess the needs of the individual.

“We add them to the list until it is full, we’re hoping to feed 60 families. We have only just opened it up, so we have four families in there at the moment.”

Humans MCR are encouraging people to email them at info@humansmcr.org regarding potential referrals for their Christmas dinner scheme this year.



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