A local woman has opened up her new takeaway business in Salford, Fully Boxed Meals, specialising in Caribbean food.

30-year-old Charell Anerville from Ordsall was suffering from anxiety during the first lockdown, and after resigning from her job in hospitality, she decided to start her own business.

“I was pretty spooked out when the pandemic started back in March. I wasn’t really happy with my job. I was in and out of jobs, doing lots of chef jobs. I have always wanted to branch off and do my own thing really.

Charell Anerville (pictured) has started her own business. Photo credit – Charell Anerville

“I was really struggling during lockdown and needed something to keep myself busy, as well as supporting my two little ones. It has really helped with my mental health too.

“I have always had a huge passion for cooking and I thought why not?! Sometimes in life you just have to go for it! I have a real love for food in general and I thought it would be great to get cooking with some Caribbean flavours.”

Charell started up her business in April, but due to the pandemic, she officially started in November, delivering over 50 meals so far to local residents. She sources her ingredients locally and buys much of her stock from businesses in Moss Side.

“I really wanted to add my own touch.

“I want people to eat my food and really notice how packed full of flavour it is, but to also realise how affordable it is. I cook from my house here in Ordsall and I drive around the area to deliver the boxed meals.

“On average I deliver around 30-40 meals a week and I operate within a 5-mile radius. It is just myself cooking and delivering the meals so it can get tiring at times but I love it; I get a real buzz from it.”

“It’s fresh food made with love and care.”

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Charell started experimenting in her kitchen and soon devised some recipes, that have been enjoyed by neighbours and those in surrounding areas.

“It has been a real boost for the community and I love to put a smile on people’s faces, especially those who cannot leave the house often.

“When it comes to delivering food to some older people, many of them tend to avoid using card to pay so I take a bucket with me in the car when I’m out delivering, so they can put their change in the bucket.

“I marinate everything the night before, right down to the peppers and the seasoning. I try to avoid frying my food and I really like to make sure everything is fresh and packed full of flavour, making you want to chase it for more.

“My favourite dishes are the prawn based ones and the curried goat.”.

Subrahmaniam Krishnan-Harihara, Head of Research at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce commented on the increase in demand for takeaway places and small businesses in Salford and surrounding areas, citing the positive impact they will have on the local areas. He discussed the importance of local councils working closely with communities.

“It is really great to see lots of businesses being set up in Salford and the surrounding areas…” He explained.

“What the council and Greater Manchester combined, are trying to collectively do, is to try and build up an ecosystem to help start-up businesses that can fuel innovation and help entrepreneurs which is extremely important; even more so during these difficult times.”

According to the Office for National Statistics: “In Wave 14 (7 to 20 September 2020), 86% of businesses were currently trading, compared with 66% in Wave 7 (1 June to 14 June 2020).”

Charell went on to explain the delivery process:

“On a Tuesday night or in the day, I will prep everything.” She explained. “I like my orders to be in early on Tuesday morning so that I can plan my dishes out properly for the week ahead of deliveries. I normally do around two dishes a week but it varies.

“When I am doing my deliveries, it is really encouraging to see people step outside of their comfort zones, trying something new for the first time.

“I think that it is so important that we embrace different cultures through our shared love of food. This is a real passion of mine and I am so excited for the future. Watch this space.”

Charell delivers her food on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and operates within a 5-mile radius of Ordsall.

To find out more information, visit her website on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fullyboxedmeals/

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