Volunteers at Walkden Community have organised a shop local ‘elf trail’ to take place from the 2nd until the 23rd of December.

People taking part will be tasked with spotting elves hidden in shop windows in Walkden Town Centre. Each elf has a festive question attached, which the participant must try and answer to be in with a chance of winning a prize!

Sarah Allen, a volunteer at Walkden Community said: “We usually have a massive Christmas event in the town centre, which involves all the local community schools coming to do a dance.

“We pay for entertainment, it’s like a joint effort between us and Walkden town centre.

“We always get a couple of thousand people but obviously because of Covid, we’ve had to knock that on the head.”



To avoid people missing out, the ‘elf trail’ was created. The aim is to get people out of the house, but also to raise awareness about local businesses in the build-up to Christmas.

With the second lockdown easing next week, shops have been given the go-ahead to reopen, giving them the much-needed chance to start earning money again.

Although the trail is free, attendees are encouraged to shop locally on their way around, whether it be a vegan treat from The Dispensary, a bath bomb from Clouds, or some treats for your furry friends at A&B Pet Products.

Sarah said: “Obviously, the traders have been really affected because of lockdown, so as much as it is easy to just say ‘I’ll order so-and-so’s present off Amazon’, it would be nice if they could walk 10 minutes down the street to Clouds or The Dispensary.”

At the end of the trail, Lowry’s Cafe are offering a hot chocolate and cake for £3.50, milkshake with cream and marshmallows for £2.50, and hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows for a £2.20!

You can follow the event on Walkden Community’s Facebook page to stay up to date:


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