Co-op Academy Walkden has decided to host an online Christmas gift-giving service to help families in Salford while still abiding by Covid-19 restrictions.

The ‘Amazon Wishlist’ campaign has been organised for staff, students, parents, and the Salford community. They can buy toys and gifts for children and young people who may not receive anything on Christmas morning.

The Wishlist has several items for boys and girls aged from 0-16 years and ranges from a couple of pounds to £20. Those who wish to donate must get the items delivered to the school itself.

The gifts will then be wrapped and they will make their way to Little Hulton Big Local‘s Christmas Appeal.

Since launching the Wishlist on Monday 23 November, the school has received £800 in cash and nearly 100 gift donations. Presents range from action figures, books, and card games.

The money raised will go to buying additional gifts for the pupils at Co-op Academy Walkden.

Joshua Mangas, SLT member of the school and managing the initiative, says: “[The donations] are coming through all the time.

“It lets the children know about supporting vulnerable people and making other people’s Christmas.

“We are a Co-op school and we have these ways of showing care, doing what matters most, being yourself always and succeeding together.

Photo credit: Joshua Mangas at Co-op Academy Walkden
Photo credit: Joshua Mangas at Co-op Academy Walkden

“It’s those ways of being that drive our community action, showing care for people and trying to develop our children to be proud of doing these things, to be themselves and to look out for other people.”

The secondary school, which aims to provide an outstanding education for all learners, have held Christmas Appeals in the past but soon realised this would not be possible due to the pandemic.

Mangas continues: “Rather than do nothing, it’s always easier to do nothing and blame it on the pandemic, but we had a brainstorming session and decided to go down with this [Amazon Wishlist].

“What we are doing is making sure that every child within our Salford community and around the local community, have the opportunity to get something [this Christmas].”

Last year, the school created Christmas hampers, which were made up by student donations. They went out to vulnerable people across the city, but this year it was not an option as they aimed to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmissions.

Mangas speaks more on the Christmas Appeal last year and how it ties into this year’s campaign:

The school is also running a ‘Quid a Kid’ campaign alongside the ‘Amazon Wishlist’. Every child in the school donates a pound, which will be used to buy extra gifts.

The deadline for donations is Friday 11th December, to allow enough time to get the presents wrapped and ready to send off.

If you would like to donate and need a few suggestions or recommendations on what to buy, Co-op Academy Walkden’s Twitter and Facebook pages will keep you updated.

If you have any enquiries, you are welcome to contact the school on 0161 850 1625 and speak to Joshua Mangas.

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