With the upcoming Rugby League World Cup coming in 2021 Swinton Lions have released their new playing kits which honor the traditional shirts which have won the Rugby League World Cup of kits on Twitter.

These new colours shall be worn by Swinton’s main team and also the newly established Lionesses who are the club’s female squad.

The Lions have partnered up with SuPro to produce an iconic kit which consists of a blue jersey and the famous white “V” which should come as great joy to fans of the club.

This style of kit was first worn at the Lancashire Cup Final on the 29th October 1960 and it was with this kit the team saw double success in the 1963 season and again the year after.

Now sixty years later it is still the kit that resonates most with the Swinton Lions across the world of rugby league.

This archetypal kit is set to be a big crowd-pleaser amongst followers of the Swinton Lions who will now be waiting with anticipation to get back to the terraces after what has been a very difficult year.

Swinton is also set to release the new away kit with a choice of gold and red as the new colour scheme that is taken from the coat of arms for Swinton and Pendlebury which also features a shadow on the front of the shirt.

Image credit: Swinton Lions RLFC

It was in September 1934 that the borough’s coat of arms was first introduced along with the town’s Royal Charter at the start of a successful season for the Lions that lead up to them being crowned champions of England for the fourth time.

The emblem consists of a gold cockatrice, beneath a red lion passant and two red roses of Lancashire it is also flanked by two golden lions.

It is topped by a Swinton Boar’s head and rides above the Latin phrase “Salus Populi Suprema Lex” which means “The welfare of the people is the highest law.”

The Lion’s have said that this is an appropriate slogan that will honour the team’s loyal fanbase and their dedication.

With this announcement likely to cause excitement amongst the club’s followers they have said that it is a nod to the modern era but not without historical significance.


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