The worlds longest running soap, Coronation Street, turns 60 tomorrow. The soap which is filmed in Media City has produced over ten thousand episodes with over eighty-five characters currently on the cobbles. Scott Wright, who played Sam Kingston from 2000 till 2002, has reflected on his time on the show.

Kingston, who also appeared in Emmerdale and Doctors, expressed how he was a big fan of the show before taking to the iconic street for his first acting role.

“Corrie was magnificent in the sense that it’s what I’ve watched all my life and then one day I found myself getting an audition and that went well and then I got another audition and I thought that went really well, then I got a phonecall and two weeks later I ended up on the set delivering my first lines.”

Taking it back to when he was involved in the soap nearly 20 years ago, Scott said he got excited about working with the characters Jack and Vera. The iconic couple was the talk of the street.

“My character was quite a comedic character so working with them went really well and if i stayed longer than I did, they might have developed the storyline. They have both passed away now but we had funny scenes where I might have lived with them for a bit, and she had done my washing and there was a pair of g strings in it!”

When asked if he would ever return if he had the opportunity, Scott said: “Yes I would, Covid has scuppered it for most actors at the moment but it would be good to go back. I was on the 40th anniversary, so that was 20 years ago.”


Over the years there has been many iconic characters including one of Scott’s favourites, Ken Barlow, played by William Roache, who has been in the show since the very first episode.

Coronation Street has always been at the heart of Salford, ever since Pendlebury born, Tony Warren MBE created the show in 1960.

On the show’s 60th birthday, Tony Warren will be commemorated at 11 am tomorrow morning where the Salford Cathedral bells will ring for two minutes.

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