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A former Salford Royal patient has shared his personal experience of his six-month stay at the hospital during the chaotic first wave of Covid-19.

The former patient witnessed the chaos that the NHS workers faced as well as the impact the virus had on Covid-free patients.

For privacy reasons, the interviewee has asked to remain anonymous.

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First outbreak of Covid-19

Shortly after his admission to Salford Royal, the nation began tackling the outbreak of coronavirus.

This had an impact on patients who were being treated for other illnesses as well.

According to the former patient, it was evident that the virus placed immense pressure on the NHS workers.

Due to the high demand for staff to care for Covid patients, the speed of care on other wards was reduced, effecting highly dependent patients who were Covid free.


“No one was at fault at all, all the nurses and doctors were fantastic! They did their best given the circumstances and I would like to thank all NHS workers,” he said.

Despite the heroic efforts of all the staff, the virus did impact other wards.

At this time, the rate of infection was growing rapidly.

According to Salford City Council, Salford Royal Hospital reached a peak of treating 136 Covid patients in April 2020.

So far, in total there have been 13,493 confirmed Covid cases in Salford.

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Experience during March 2020 Lockdown

“During the national lockdown, all visitations were banned for the safety of patients, and due to my physical impairment, it was almost impossible to contact my family.

“But the nurses were kind enough to offer to contact my family, giving them updates of my condition,” he said.

The former patient claims that as the virus progressed, hospital beds were emptying leading the ward to look like a “ghost town.”

In terms of his treatment, he recalls that his physiotherapy was reduced as workers were required on the front-line to assess the physical condition of Covid patients.

Patients who had recovered from Covid were later admitted onto the ward the source was staying, with life changing injuries.

“Being a patient in a Covid-free ward, I witnessed the secondary degree of chaos, but when I saw what the virus did to genuinely healthy people.

“I was crippled by heartbreak.”

He explains: “Seeing the NHS workers in action was surreal and they are the true heroes for their relentless efforts to help those in need.

“My stay at Salford Royal was full of fear yet it made me even more grateful for the NHS.”

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