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Lancashire Cricket Club is supporting WaterAid’s campaign and appeal to bring water to the 75% of people who need it in India.

Lancashire cricket players, Alex Hartley and Keaton Jennings got involved with the campaign where they tried to defend the wicket with a bat a quarter of its normal size.

In India, only 25% of households have access to clean water so, the specially designed bat represented how missing 75% of it can be a huge disadvantage.

Alex Hartley said: “ It’s a great campaign and one I’m proud to be part of and support.

“It’s shocking that in this day and age, 75% of people in India do not have clean water and means vulnerable communities across the country are left to protect themselves and their health without the very basics.

“Sadly girls and women are particularly affected when communities lack clean water which means they miss out on opportunities and the chance to reach their full potential. I’m proud to be supporting WaterAid’s Bring Water campaign to change this.”

Good health and hygiene is vital now more than ever and frequent hand washing with soap reduces the spread of COVID-19 by a third.

Therefore, this puts India at great risk since only 1 in 4 people have clean water in their homes.

Keaton Jennings said: “I’m proud to support Water Aid for their campaign as everyone should have access to clean water. It is a basic human right.

“I couldn’t believe that only a quarter of people in India have clean water at home. How are they meant to stay healthy and protect themselves against infectious diseases like coronavirus?

“Lancashire Cricket is doing a lot of work in India at the moment and hopefully supporting Water Aid can help raise awareness of this issue and hopefully make a positive change for vulnerable communities across India.”

WaterAid’s COVID-19 response in India includes installing vital hand washing facilities in public areas, as well as running mass media campaigns like this one.

Clean water gives people the chance to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and helps save lives.

You can donate here.

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