An artist has been inspired to paint Salford landscapes since living in the city as a student.

Lyndsey Collingridge, who is originally from Blackpool, has continued to produce art that is Salford based and influenced by Manchester’s iconic music scene.

She said: “Having lived in the city for so many years it really has become my second home. I adore the canals and rivers of both Salford and Manchester and they are a constant source of inspiration to me, as well as the people.

“Sunsets, sunrises, twilight, night, water and reflections set against man-made structures are what I love to paint.”

On embracing music into her work, Ms Collingridge added: “As soon as I could pick up a pencil and crayon I pretty much knew that I wanted to paint, scribbling away whilst listening to music was where it was at for me.

“The titles I choose for my paintings are mostly taken from a song that holds a particular meaning, feeling and memory within the composition, which are personal to me and always poignant in some way.”

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Ms Collingridge has painted Old Trafford and The Lowry several times and hopes to create a piece on The Imperial War Museum in the future.

She added: “I’m always trying to find the beauty even in the most deprived and poverty-stricken of places and a lot of my landscapes have a dystopian and psychedelic feel to them, purely through my own experiences and imagination.”

Despite the coronavirus pandemic causing some uncertainty for the self-employed, Ms Collingridge has embraced the change and embarked on a new career endeavor.

She said: “I also run a vintage-style print and pattern company called Arcade Design so I’ve been creating and selling masks through there which is obviously a new phenomenon.”

Lockdown has given Ms Collingridge more time to focus on her art but she is still concerned of the repercussions that the pandemic and Brexit will have on her.

She said: “With Brexit now looming as well as the pandemic, I’m not sure people will be buying art as much or even be able to and so, of course, it is worrying. However, I’m not alone and there are plenty of people already desperately struggling.”

Ms Collingridge’s designs are available to view and buy on


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