Annual self-care week, from November 16 to 22 has been and gone, but that doesn’t mean taking time out for yourself is any less important. 

In uncertain times when the nation is in and out of tiers and lockdowns, self-care may seem silly, after all, some of the population are off work and seemingly stress-free however, this is just the opposite. 

Work provides people with a routine and security in knowing what needs to be done day to day.

In a lockdown, people need a new sense of stability, so they don’t allow themselves to slip.

Michael Davis 24, a software engineer from Langworthy, Salford spoke about how he practices self-care. 

“Before lockdown, I would attend the gym four days a week. This was an important part of my routine because in my job I sit at a computer all day and otherwise wouldn’t get any exercise.

“I struggled in march at the start of the first lockdown before I realised the benefits of self-care.

“I thought self-care was face masks and bubble baths, not realising it was anything that would make me feel better. Whether that be shaving my overgrown beard or exercising.”

“I live alone and so I had allowed myself to fall into a sad routine of rolling out of bed, to my desk and back to bed. It was unhealthy and unlike me and so I began introducing things I love back into my life.

Research from psychology today shows how daily exercise can help both physically and mentally, boosting mood and reducing stress and anxiety.

“I started exercising again, following lockdown rules and running alone. Since doing this I now prefer outdoor exercise and no longer have the mindset that I can only work out in a gym environment” Michael said.

Studies have even shown that getting outside can have a positive impact to individuals mental health.

This year has show people how important it is to look after themselves and stay positive.

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