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A Salford-based DJ has reacted to November’s lockdown and tier three restrictions, claiming it is “devastating” to see bars and restaurants closed.

Greater Manchester saw the implementation of a strengthened tier system even as the nation-wide lockdown lapsed on Wednesday 2nd December 2020.  

The measures have however hit the hospitality industry harder as restaurants and bars across Greater Manchester remain closed.  

DJs and bars owners are among the business owners who have been faced with uncertain business losses caused by the hard-hitting restrictions

 A Salford DJ, Babatunde Kolex is better known as DJ Kolex of  Hulton District, Little Hulton said: “Staying off the deck is like letting my fans down and losing fans will cost me more than the money we make. Many DJs have to go on to state benefits to get by but that still won’t cover for the loss of our followers.”

 According to Kolex, the DJs were used to their independent business, but due to the current restrictions, they have to seek state benefits to stay afloat 

Even though the state‘s benefits may help a little, the DJ feels it’s more of a nightmare for them to stop their business throughout the Tier 3 restrictions period. 

He continued: It is devastating as a DJ to see tables on the dance floor and the house lights off in the venues. It is very depressing.”


He also noted that those working in the bars would also lose the revenue they used to make in many shifts in a normal day, causing stress and anxiety among the affected individuals. 

Kolex said: Bar staff are not able to work as many shifts as they used to, and extra tips are then gone.

“This impacts their pay, causing more anxiety and stress for the bar staff and managers. 

According to Kolex, the Tier 3 wave of restrictions would serve to the detriment of the entertainment industry while also escalating the level of loneliness among the social, loving residents. 

With December being the peak month for the entertainment and hospitality sector, tier 3 is a real death sentence to the businesses in Salford.’ 


Image by Saheed A Obaleye
DJ Kolex on the Mix (Image: S A Obaleye

As the hospitality industry has come to the end of the 14-day closure, the government has assured these businesses that they will increase funding to the affected local governments to keep these entertainment businesses afloat during the tier 3 system.  

However, there‘s still much to worry about for the businesses without much cash. 

With the new anti-coronavirus spread measures, many affected businesses are worried about what tomorrow holds for them as many struggle to break even. 

According to the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, the restrictions will cause real hardship.” 

The new Tier 3 will hit the hospitality sector extremely hard. While there are grants for businesses forced to close, there is no extra support for business which supply them like security, catering and cleaning,” said Burnham in a statement when questioned by Greater Manchester Combine Authority (GMCA) early December. 

This will cause real hardship for people whose jobs will be affected and risk the loss of many businesses,” he added.

Andy Burnham‘s statements were echoed by Salford Mayor, Paul Dennett.

The Labor mayor emphasised that more support was needed to cushion the affected businesses from unprecedented losses.  

In his retweet, Mayor Dennett acknowledged tier 3 was a disappointment, and there‘s a need to focus on a way out as soon as possible.  

However, Dennett emphasised the need for more support, particularly to the live events and hospitality sector in which the DJs are among the greatest casualties. 

With the tier 3 restrictions still in their early stage, it’s still unclear whether the government will disburse sufficient funds to keep the greatly affected businesses from crumbling 

The tier system for Greater Manchester will be reviewed on 16th December 2020.  

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