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Elena Manukyan, a 31-year old from Salford, has singularly launched her own law firm at the beginning of the month.
‘The Injury Solicitor’ aims to give residents a local and trustworthy option to help with their accident claims.

Elena said: “I have been a injury solicitor for some time, so I decided to set up my own business in Salford and take on the journey of having a firm.”

“I wanted to feel excited about my work life again, to look forwards to Mondays.”

The Injury Solicitor business cards. Credit: Jessie Sale

Elena explained the difficult and lengthy process she encountered before establishing her business on the 1st of December 2020.

She has an office based on King Street, Manchester, but is predominantly based from Irlam O’ Th’ Heights.

“I trained, qualified and became one of the youngest partners at previous personal injury firms that I worked at, so I am very confident in this new venture.”

Elena explained: “The legal industry has coped quite well during the pandemic.

“But, I do believe there remains a lot of unease when it comes to the public approaching solicitors and that’s something I want to address.”

“I want to show them I’m approachable and reliable.”

During lockdown, Elena said that there was less traffic on the road which meant less accident claims.

A study shows that during lockdown in the UK, there was a 69.4% drop in car accidents:

Car accident study during lockdown. Credit:

Elena said: “Although the number of accidents has decreased, unfortunately the severity of accidents has increased because people are travelling at higher speeds.

“With less traffic on the roads more people are breaking the speed limit.”

Elena’s ideal target base is Salford residents.

She said: “There’s not a lot of legal providers here, they’re mostly based in Manchester City Centre.”

The Injury Solicitor website. Credit: Jessie Sale

“I’d like to bridge that gap and have the local community come to me.”

You can find more information about Elena’s Salford law firm here.

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