the crescent

A £2.5 billion Salford Crescent masterplan to regenerate a key area of the city includes a new Metrolink station and community spaces. 

The development aims to create a new transport hub, connecting The Crescent and The Quays, with a new Metrolink stop above the railway station.

It also aims to pedestrianise the A6, aspiring to remove general traffic on certain parts of the route between Chapel Street and Broad Street.

The project has been broken down into six zones or ‘character areas’ which incorporate the local area into the plans.

In partner with The University of Salford, English Cities Fund‘s initial plan will begin on Frederick Road, creating a ‘boulevard in the sky,’ where crossings will be raised podiums with views, seating areas and green spaces.

Phil Mayall, regional director of English Cities Fund, said: “Crescent is a game changer that will create a vibrant new city district in Salford. We’re working together to drive growth, opportunities and social prosperity right into the Heart of Salford that will bring the community together.

“Salford is also home for us! We’ve worked here since 2006 successfully repurposing and transforming the Salford Central area into an exciting and mixed-use destination.

“We know that Salford is a community-focused city with a rich heritage, but with a real aspiration for the future and they are values that are part of their DNA. We are proud to be part of Salford.”

Towards the Old Fire Station, there are possible plans for a new microbrewery, bakery and café, creating a more social community space for Salford residents.

The old police headquarters would be ‘repurposed’ into a hotel.

Once vacant, in line with the University’s aspirations, Humphrey Booth House, Crescent House and Faraday Building will be demolished and replaced with residential development.

Professor Helen Marshall, vice-chancellor of the University of Salford, said: “I’m proud that we have signed this landmark agreement at this moment, so that we can collaborate with partners that share our ambition and optimism to build back better.

“A new innovation campus will tackle head on the issues facing businesses and society, from digitalisation to energy efficiency, placing exciting new technology and innovation companies alongside our world leading academics. Crescent really is an exciting opportunity.”

The Crescent is set to be finished in 2040.

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